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Study and work in  London:
how to make the most of your stay in London with The London Connection


For more than 30 years The English Connection has organized English courses on the European mainland and in the United Kingdom particularly in London where our origins lie.

Our multi-cultural experience enables us to say we are well-equipped to introduce our friends to London life and through The London Connection this is precisely what we hope to do.

In collaborattion with our partner in London we propose a short study package of 1 - 2 weeks (or more) which comprises:

a short English language course (extendable if required) at Regent, one of the most prestigious organizations in the sector, with family or residential accommodation (also hotel or self-catering) which guarantees a happy initial orientation into London life safe in the knowledge that you are looked after by people dedicated to your well-being.

We have collaborated exclusively with Regent for some 25 years now because the dependablity and professionalism of this organization ensure that you are in safe hands and so the transition from your own country to the big city is spontaneous and harmonious without the stress that often awaits when you are in a new place for the first time.

Once you acclimatize to London life you can dedicate your time to looking for work or alternatively devote your time to perfecting your English.
As Londoners ourselves we want to help you to be happy here and to enjoy all London has to offer.

For example, if searching for work you may have noticed that in the U.K., as in many states, the coffee house has had a revival in popularity over the last 20 years and  in almost every street you will find Caffè Nero, Costa Coffee or Starbuck’s. Pubs and restaurants are in abundance in London and there is no shortage of work available.
Unlike many states bureaucracy is minimal here and with a little goodwill and endeavour a job will be found... you can apply directly to a pub, restaurant or coffee house or online (or a recruitment office) when you are in the U.K. 

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